Project Description

Product features:

The equipment is arranged in a straight line,using chain transmission,automatic control,high efficiency,simple operation;
The chamber of the equipment is separated by the pneumatic rectangular high vacuum gate valve,which ensures the independence of each chamber. In addition,the vacuum chamber can be added on the basis of the system,and the linear arrangement structure of more rooms can be upgraded to realize continuous automation coating.

Designed and manufactured in cooperation with the Southwest Research Institute of the United States. Plasma enhanced technology can be used to modify the surface of the material. It can be coated with super-hard nano-films, self-lubricating films, and many other film systems. It can be coated with ultra-thick films.

Application fields

  • Super-hard nano coating;Self-lubricating coating;
  • Super-thick nano coating;High-speed steel and carbide cutter;
  • Aircraft、automobile engine parts.


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