Project Description

Product features:

Multi-arc ion coating equipment has properties of fast deposition,high ionization rate,and film with good adhesion;
Our company developed a new generation arc source with permanent magnetic and electromagnetic composite,rotating transverse magnetic field enhanced in cooperation with foreign experts to optimize the work of cathode arc spot,reduce the deposition of large particles,high utilization of the target material,and comprehensive equipment Significant increase in performance;
The equipment is suitable for sputtering Cr, Mo, Ti, Au, Al, CrAI, CrB, CrMo, CrSi, TiAl, TiB,etc.and their nitride and carbide coatings, MCrAIY High temperature protective coating.

Application fields

  • PlasmaRing l:moulds (shearing molds,drawing dies,punch dies,die-casting moulds,plastic rubber moulds,etc) coating;auto parts (piston,piston ring,ejector rob,etc);
  • PlasmaRing Il:various (micro) millings, (micro)drills and other tools and blade coating;
  • PlasmaRing lll:coating of low melting point metal materials such as Aluminum and Magnesium alloys;
  • PlasmaRing IV:coating adopt PVD+gas such as carbon or silicon;

  • PlasmaRing V: DLC and Ta-C coatings;
  • PlasmaRing VI:suitable for coatings with high melting point such as Mo, W and unconventional cathode arc material.


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