After-sales service and training commitment

1. Organize design and manufacture in accordance with ISO9000-2001 quality management system to ensure product quality, timely delivery, and provide quality after-sales service.

2. Equipment acceptance:

  • (1) Before the equipment is shipped, the user goes to the manufacturer’s site for pre-acceptance and signs a pre-acceptance report.

  • (2) After the equipment arrives at the user’s place, the manufacturer will carry out free debugging and provide personnel training for the user. The user performs final acceptance on the device and signs the final acceptance report.

3. Warranty period: one year warranty from the date of final acceptance of the equipment.

  • (1) All services are free during the warranty period.
  • (2) Only the cost fee will be charged after the warranty period expires.

4. Whenever the equipment fails, the manufacturer guarantees that the phone will respond within half an hour to guide the user to eliminate the failure. If the user is unable to eliminate it by himself, the manufacturer will send an engineer to the site as soon as possible for repair.

5. Provide one set of the following complete technical documents

  • (1) Equipment factory inspection report and quality certificate;

  • (2) Equipment operation manual and maintenance manual;
  • (3) General equipment drawing and assembly drawing
  • (4) Description of installation conditions, spare parts list, computer control program backup, etc.

6. Training: Provide free technical training at the user’s site when delivery

6.1 Training time: 2 days

6.2 Number of trainees: 3

6.3 Training content and requirements:

  • (1) Understand the working principle and composition of the equipment, as well as the working principles and use methods of each component and control system.
  • (2) Master the operating procedures of the entire system.
  • (3) Diagnosis and simple maintenance of the general faults of the equipment and replacement of wearing parts.
  • (4) The equipment can be routinely maintained and maintained.


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