National Innovation Fund Project of “Rotary Magnetron Sputtering Coating Equipment”

The cyclotron magnetron sputtering coating equipment applied by our company was established in July 2012, and the execution period ends in July 2014. The project has a professional core team, and the main person in charge is the general manager of Qu Hongbo. After continuous efforts of all the team members, this technology has overcome the technical difficulties, completed the expected technical indicators, and achieved mass production.

Rotary magnetron sputtering coating equipment is based on the principle of magnetron sputtering, using ion-assisted coating technology and pulse bias sputtering technology, applying the structural principle of the rotating column type magnetron sputtering target proposed by the United States Patent No. 5096562 in 1992. It overcomes the problems of low utilization rate of traditional target gas, poor flexibility, short service life of aprons, and high pressure discharge. The oblique target compensation structure and multi-functional sample suspension technology are also used to solve the problems of poor uniformity of coating of the complex substrate and coating dead angle. Through the method of magnetron sputtering multi-layer optical film, nano-scale composite film can be plated, the film thickness uniformity reaches 3%, and the gloss is good, thereby greatly improving the product coating quality, the production process Realized high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

The overall structure layout of the rotary magnetron sputtering coating equipment is reasonable, which can eliminate the shadow area of ​​the complex shape products during film formation, meet the coating requirements of different types and shapes of products, have certain flexibility, and can be coated in a variety of colors The film has now obtained the national invention patent. The entire color plating equipment is equipped with an electronic control operating system, which realizes fully automatic and semi-automatic control during the coating production process, which is convenient, fast and safe.

Vacuum coating technology is an important part of vacuum application technology and one of the basic technologies for the development of many cutting-edge disciplines. With the development of the national economy, the application of vacuum coating equipment in industry is becoming more and more extensive, and the different needs of various fields have placed more and more stringent requirements on the design of vacuum coating equipment. Therefore, it is imperative to strengthen the design and development of high-performance vacuum coating equipment.
The company’s application of the rotary magnetron sputtering coating equipment technology is leading. It can be used to coat metals, alloy semiconductors, and metal compounds on plastic materials, metal materials, and glass materials. They are widely used in photoelectric films, semiconductor electronics films, High-end surface decoration and other industrial fields. It is widely used and has strong market competitiveness.

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