Our company cooperates with Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Northeastern University

The coating technology is used to coat tens of nanometers to tens of microns on the surface of the workpiece, which can greatly improve the mechanical properties of the workpiece such as heat resistance, lubrication, wear resistance, anti-electronic detection and electronic interference with a small consumption And electronic performance, improve the survivability of the battlefield, improve the aesthetics and durability of mobile phone parts, improve the energy-saving performance and life of auto parts such as piston rings, increase the service life of various molds, increase the cutting speed of tools and cutting tools, Feed speed and cutting efficiency, etc., have very practical applications in many fields such as military and industrial production.

At present, compared with foreign high-end coating equipment, such equipment developed and produced in China has a big gap in terms of equipment performance and coating technology, and the sales price is also 3 to 10 times different. At the same time, imported coating equipment There are strict restrictions on the use of the field. The main gap of the coating equipment is in the core coating technology, such as the performance of these key components such as the coated target and the arc source. Therefore, we have developed relevant plasma enhancement technologies to improve the plasma density and ionization rate of the target and the arc source. Obtaining higher working characteristics, deposition rate and deposition quality of coating equipment is the technical core and key to achieving high-quality coating. We have a relatively large gap with these well-known foreign companies in these tasks, which is also our focus in the past and in the future.

This project is to achieve such progressive goals. Over the past five years, we have done a lot of work in this field, such as cathode arc ion plating equipment using a composite magnetic field control arc source, and magnetron sputtering coating equipment. ASIMCO Shuanghuan has developed automotive piston ring coating equipment, and developed color coating equipment for Ebara-JCU (now renamed as JCU) company, which is listed in Tokyo, Japan. On the basis of this technology, we have cooperated with the Institute of Metal Research and the Northeast of the Chinese Academy of Sciences University cooperation, by referring to foreign high-end coating equipment without imitating its technology, but from the principle of technology through technological development means, develop key technologies and components that obtain high density and high ionization rate, and prepare independent knowledge such as patents The way of property rights, using a composite magnetic field to control the arc source and magnetron sputtering technology, can improve the strength of the magnetic field and improve the distribution, greatly increase the electronic output, increase the plasma density, and greatly increase the ionization of the film in the plasma area. Rate, improve target utilization rate, increase arc source area, significantly reduce the large particles on the coating surface, developed its own high-density and high ionization rate plasma enhanced coating equipment and corresponding processes, and in the project During the implementation phase, commercial sales were achieved and more than 20 million sales were obtained.

High-density, high ionization rate plasma enhanced coating technology is the core technology of well-known European and American companies. They prevent and compete with each other, especially against China, because from the perspective of profit-seeking, with the development of China in recent years, They are their largest emerging markets, and from a political perspective, they do not want to be used for military purposes. For this reason, on the one hand, they sold such coating equipment to China at a high price, and signed a strict contractual agreement that must not be self-maintenance and imitation (although the technical level of the equipment is not their highest end and best performance), on the other hand, they have opened in China in recent years. The coating plant guides the Chinese market and lays out a layout for them to continue to occupy the Chinese market.


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