Our company cooperates with the American Southwest Research Institute

With the rapid development of magnetron sputtering coating technology in recent years, the technology has become more and more widely used in the fields of machinery, aerospace, military weapons, tooling molds, decoration and food packaging, and has become the mainstream of vacuum coating technology. technology. The principle is to use an electric field to ionize the working gas in a vacuum chamber, and the ionized ions are bounded by the magnetic field orthogonal to the electric field. . In addition, this technology can achieve complete pollution-free, is a new environmentally friendly coating technology, can replace the traditional plating method.

However, due to the rapid development of science and technology, the current coating equipment has the disadvantages of low beam strength of film atoms or molecules, slow coating rate, and thin film thickness. The high requirements are particularly reflected in the fields of aerospace, military products, automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, medical care, etc., which are closely related to the city ’s industrial chain. Therefore, based on the current market and technology development trends, Shenyang Keyou Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. combines a large number of vacuum equipment research and development experience and concentrates on advantageous technologies. Based on the rotary magnetron sputtering coating equipment, our company independently developed a new coating technology ——Plasma enhanced magnetron sputtering technology. This technology is based on the existing magnetron sputtering coating technology, through the electron emission source, to achieve the effect of plasma enhancement, improve the ionization rate, obtain a dense structure, better adhesion, smoother surface, higher hardness Thin film, through a large number of experimental data shows that this technology solves the shortcomings of the traditional magnetron sputtering coating technology, the beam intensity is increased by 20 times; the coating rate is increased by 3 times; the film thickness is increased by 10 times. This technology belongs to the high-end technical field, and its application field is very wide. It can be applied to our city’s key industrial chains, such as aerospace engines, blowers, aircraft auto parts, steam turbines, warship brakes, barrels, bushes, thin Wire, tool molds, etc.

In January 2016, our company decided to independently develop a new type of plasma-enhanced magnetron sputtering technology, and set up a plasma-enhanced magnetron sputtering research and development team, and at the same time carried out technical cooperation with outstanding foreign experts. In the early stage of the project, our company spent more than 500,000 yuan to build a simple experimental system-plasma-enhanced magnetron sputtering experimental system, and conducted a large number of experiments on this system. After continuous exploration and adjustment, we finally got the ideal preliminary experiment As a result, the superiority of the technology is verified. Due to the high cost of producing prototypes, considering the huge risks of producing prototypes, our company invited the Southwest Research Institute to further verify the reliability and superiority of the technology. A large number of experimental data results of the Southwest Research Institute of the United States are consistent with our company’s experimental results, so our company decided to invest in a plasma-enhanced magnetron sputtering prototype—a convoluted plasma-enhanced magnetron sputtering equipment On the basis of it, the ion nitriding function is added. The device is currently in the assembly stage and can be put into use immediately.

Since there are very few vacuum equipments suitable for coating thin wires and thin rods on the current market, due to practical needs, a military enterprise hopes that our company will develop plasma-enhanced magnetron sputtering equipment for coating thin wires. Improve the overall performance of the filament. Considering the risks as well, our company once again invited the Southwest Research Institute to verify the feasibility of the new technology. Through experimental verification, the experimental results of the American Southwest Research Institute are consistent with our company’s experimental results. Therefore, on the basis of the previous prototype, our company has developed a new type of plasma-enhanced magnetron sputtering coating equipment for filament workpieces-winding continuous plasma-enhanced magnetron sputtering equipment, and optimized The equipment structure has been improved, the utilization rate of the target material has been improved, the cost of consumables has been saved, and continuous coating can be achieved. The coating method is the first in China, while solving the problem of production efficiency. At present, the equipment has been put into production.

Due to the wide application prospects of this technology and the urgent market demand, our company urgently needs to widely promote this technology so that it can be applied to more fields and eventually achieve sales. Therefore, our company intends to combine the advantages of the first two devices to produce a plasma-enhanced magnetron sputtering coating device suitable for coating in the tube. The equipment is especially suitable for military products, such as coating the barrel and barrel to reduce the friction coefficient and improve its high temperature resistance, impact resistance and service life.

The above three types of plasma-enhanced magnetron sputtering coating equipment can be mass-produced. Compared with traditional magnetron sputtering coating equipment, the performance is more superior and the application range is wider. Based on the broad application prospects of this technology, the market demand is urgent, and sales can be realized immediately after the prototype is produced. A large number of customers have proposed purchase intentions for the first two models of equipment.


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